Release Notes - Avalon Media System - Version 3.3 - HTML format


  • [VOV-2993] - LTI courses require selecting from autosuggestions on access control page in order to link up correctly
  • [VOV-3161] - [IU Prod] Notification emails with links to Avalon have bad URLs (port 443)
  • [VOV-3315] - Add favicon
  • [VOV-3342] - Date field invalid input handling
  • [VOV-3372] - Facet values don't wrap at whitespace boundaries in Firefox 35.0.1
  • [VOV-3391] - [IU MCO] audio ingest fails during encode; same wav file succeeds on mallorn
  • [VOV-3393] - LTI is broken for the rest of us
  • [VOV-3395] - Main Contributors facet is missing
  • [VOV-3405] - Clicking Manage Selected Items tab redirects to home page with error
  • [VOV-3445] - [iPad] Username and Login/logout buttons missing when in vertical orientation


  • [VOV-1639] - When adding one item, I want to pull in bibliographic info for the new item from our OPAC
  • [VOV-1640] - When adding items via batch, I want to pull in the bibliographic info from the OPAC
  • [VOV-2949] - I want to ingest pre-transcoded derivatives with multiple quality levels via batch
  • [VOV-3246] - I want to be able to manage my disk space and not have Matterhorn fill it up mysteriously
  • [VOV-3309] - I want 3.3 to work robustly
  • [VOV-3317] - I want automated MARC import records to look good in my system
  • [VOV-3318] - I want to configure MARC import for my institution
  • [VOV-3353] - I want to be confident for bulk updates that something is happening and know when it will finish

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