Release Notes - Avalon Media System - Version 3.1 - HTML format


  • [VOV-2853] - [IU Pilot] username completion should be for username, not email (for non-guest-accounts)


  • [VOV-2463] - Dropbox directories with spaces break batch ingest
  • [VOV-2772] - Fix tooltips for File Upload step.
  • [VOV-2806] - Date of 194u shows up as 2014 in the date facet and results display
  • [VOV-2811] - Renaming a collection hangs in the UI and does not rename the collection drobox directory.
  • [VOV-2812] - Avalon embedded media playback fails w/Safari default settings
  • [VOV-2813] - Move into the background reindexing due to collection or unit name change
  • [VOV-2814] - Ingest manifest with missing headers causes invalid ingest
  • [VOV-2815] - Embedded player goes wonky on iPhone after you touch "Done" on a completed video playback.
  • [VOV-2835] - Batch ingest does not send status email when an item or file in the batch is deleted
  • [VOV-2840] - Ingest manifest with missing Collection column is mishandled
  • [VOV-2845] - Fix typo in permalink tooltip
  • [VOV-2847] - Matterhorn's workflow notifier stops talking with avalon
  • [VOV-2848] - Switching audio sections does not refresh the scrubber bar until playback starts
  • [VOV-2850] - Thumbnail and poster images not generated when master file is still accessible by avalon
  • [VOV-2851] - LTI documentation for Sakai is incomplete
  • [VOV-2854] - Remove distribute/download step for thumbnails from Matterhorn as it is no longer needed.
  • [VOV-2871] - [Mallorn] Avalon LTI searches on wrong group
  • [VOV-2873] - Until master file processing is complete, thumbnails for all items (audio or video) appear as audio icon


  • [VOV-1717] - I want to restrict item accessibility to members of one or more dynamic LDAP groups
  • [VOV-2659] - I want to change a thumbnail after the master file is gone
  • [VOV-2660] - I want to add an previously existing PURL or Handle to an avalon object
  • [VOV-2661] - I want to use Skip Transcoding for files attached from the dropbox.
  • [VOV-2727] - I want contextual help about permalinks in the file management page
  • [VOV-2755] - I want my public Avalon items to show up cheerfully in search engines such as Google
  • [VOV-2757] - I want helpful error emails when my batch fails due to manifest file problems
  • [VOV-2758] - I want to deploy a high-quality 3.1 release
  • [VOV-2761] - I want to understand what's in 3.1 and how to configure it
  • [VOV-2820] - I want to have up-to-date collection management documentation for 3.1


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