Release Notes - Variations - Version 6.3 - HTML format


  • [VARIATIONS-156] - Access Manager can only add audio recordings to a group
  • [VARIATIONS-157] - excludes MediaObjects except when -in_digitization flag is present
  • [VARIATIONS-158] - Creating Accompanying Materials throws error if DB initialized with Variations 6.2
  • [VARIATIONS-170] - Create record without MARC import fails
  • [VARIATIONS-172] - User guide is out of date
  • [VARIATIONS-173] - web player has different prev button tolerance



  • [VARIATIONS-160] - Perform more error handling on player query paramters and return more helpful error messages
  • [VARIATIONS-164] - Web services clients should ensure that request urls have slashes where necessary
  • [VARIATIONS-167] - Clean up logging that goes to servers.log
  • [VARIATIONS-168] - Clean up logging to goes to server log file
  • [VARIATIONS-175] - Upgrade bundled JRE to 1.7

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