Release Notes - Variations - Version 6.2 - HTML format


  • [VARIATIONS-103] - Variations webapp doesn't work with Firefox 4
  • [VARIATIONS-110] - Annotations on accompanying materials missing or wrong size when printed
  • [VARIATIONS-111] - Zoom buttons don't work if scale set to one of the "Fit" options
  • [VARIATIONS-114] - Accompanying Materials get returned in Admin search
  • [VARIATIONS-118] - Containers with NULL for PublicDomain cause Web Services to shutdown
  • [VARIATIONS-119] - Score container or accompanying materials container cannot be saved after deleting all pages
  • [VARIATIONS-120] - Checks for audio derivative file are case insensitive but case sensitive for images
  • [VARIATIONS-121] - bin/ fails on statistics from "In Digitization" containers with missing metadata
  • [VARIATIONS-122] - Newly created Accompanying Material automatically published on save
  • [VARIATIONS-123] - All logins succeed if protocol in AuthenticationScheme is unknown to Variations
  • [VARIATIONS-124] - JAAS authentication not available
  • [VARIATIONS-125] - Only accompanying materials that have been published should be visible to end-users in the player and on the access page
  • [VARIATIONS-127] - Allow actions on published accompanying materials similar to score containers
  • [VARIATIONS-128] - Small javascript syntax error in html generated for MyBookmarks
  • [VARIATIONS-129] - Web player displays unfriendly, unhelpful error msg when user doesn't have permission to access item
  • [VARIATIONS-136] - Default path for client_file.lcf is windows specific
  • [VARIATIONS-139] - Comment out default wav and tiff directories in dml.conf
  • [VARIATIONS-140] - checkForDerivatives does not check all for ALL derivatives
  • [VARIATIONS-141] - Labels and buttons in Edit Accompanying Materials dialog don't reset after delete or unpublish actions
  • [VARIATIONS-143] - Default WS error message not reachable
  • [VARIATIONS-144] - Remote UI logging not working


  • [VARIATIONS-109] - Make ant build use properties file for values that need to be updated across files (Copyright date, Version, etc.)


  • [VARIATIONS-115] - Make aware of SELinux being disabled to avoid chcon calls and errors
  • [VARIATIONS-130] - Allow Variations to be run anyplace on the filesystem
  • [VARIATIONS-131] - Implement autoplay in the flash version of the web player
  • [VARIATIONS-134] - Make selinux context changes persist across file context relabeling
  • [VARIATIONS-137] - Add Tif filter to Score/AM file dialogs
  • [VARIATIONS-138] - Add unpublish button to Edit Accompanying Materials window

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