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  • [VARIATIONS-20] - Variations login fails for WS with BadPaddingException
  • [VARIATIONS-61] - can create group with required fields missing
  • [VARIATIONS-62] - Item filtering is case-sensitive
  • [VARIATIONS-63] - Request to root of web UI goes to login page even when logins are turned off
  • [VARIATIONS-64] - Bookmark dragging on side prior to where player head is causes head to jump to old location of bookmark instead of new
  • [VARIATIONS-65] - iterpretes id filename as an id to process
  • [VARIATIONS-66] - Scripts might use default system property values instead of server supplied values
  • [VARIATIONS-67] - cannot resolve temporary ids across files
  • [VARIATIONS-68] - Users with Opus bookmarks get NullPointerException (HTTP 500) when opening any player page
  • [VARIATIONS-72] - Searches with at symbols (@) can lead to long-running queries
  • [VARIATIONS-74] - WS corrupts user's bookmarks by removing needed elements from opus bookmarks
  • [VARIATIONS-81] - Log file default locations do not work on Windows 7
  • [VARIATIONS-82] - Make bundled encoders work with default configurations on Windows 7
  • [VARIATIONS-83] - Redirect back to player after login fails in IE
  • [VARIATIONS-88] - BibInfo window can be hard to get back
  • [VARIATIONS-89] - Clicking logout displays a broken player window rather than the login window
  • [VARIATIONS-93] - Lease lifetime configuration not being used
  • [VARIATIONS-95] - Statistics never identified as "in library"
  • [VARIATIONS-96] - Welcome window takes really long time to open
  • [VARIATIONS-97] - Add missing error messages to
  • [VARIATIONS-99] - DRAM containers fail to renew lease causing web player to reload continuously
  • [VARIATIONS-102] - Login after logout from bookmarks page does not return to bookmarks page
  • [VARIATIONS-106] - @ symbols in PATH causes errors in bin/
  • [VARIATIONS-108] - Clicking on a track while the web player is still loading causes it to not finish loading

New Feature



  • [VARIATIONS-59] - Validate XACML policy file and log errors
  • [VARIATIONS-70] - Groups can be created without reserve list valid from date which is used in the Access Manager
  • [VARIATIONS-78] - Make sure that Variations-Web ui session logs persist and are displayed in viewStats.cgi
  • [VARIATIONS-80] - Make Variations work with either UTF-8 or MARC-8 encoding when reading MARC records
  • [VARIATIONS-84] - Avoid security warning on web player page for IE
  • [VARIATIONS-86] - Handle session timeout gracefully in web player
  • [VARIATIONS-87] - Have BibInfo window information wrap instead of scrollbars
  • [VARIATIONS-94] - Fix Listen, View and, Listen+View buttons on welcome window
  • [VARIATIONS-107] - Filtering should be case insensitive

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